Employee satisfaction survey questions & templates

The ultimate goal of any business is to grow over the years and take their organisation from good to great. You can have as many meticulously-planned strategies as you like, but the one core element that will unlock the potential of your business is the people that work for you. A positive work environment however is not just a matter of keeping your staff feeling happy and satisfied but to make them feel valued and engaged.

Satisfaction & Happiness vs Engagement

satisfied employees

Satisfied employees will show up every day at 9am and clock out again at 5pm, they have no desire or motivation to go beyond the minimum effort. At the end of the day that is all they are, merely satisfied.

Happy employees in the workplace doesn't directly correlate with employees working hard and productively. Company nights out, games rooms and free lunches are fun, but are only a tiny part of that push to making them feel valued and engaged.

Engaged employees believe they can and are making a difference in the organisation. Unlike those who are merely satisfied in their jobs, they will use discretionary effort to go above and beyond to achieve their own goals and the goals of the organisation.

Employee Engagement Questions

Carefully selected Employee questionnaire questions discover exactly how employees feel about where they work and allows the organisation to pinpoint where improvements need to be made. One key question structure in an employee survey is the seven-point rating scale which accurately captures a person's opinions on a subject. Other types of questions in an engagement survey consist of the 10 gauge slider, duel answer formats and comment boxes to gain more insight into employee opinions and perspectives. Below are question structure examples. View our tips and advice for conducting a survey to ensure you tick all the boxes to ensure your results will provide clear insights.

7-point rating scale question template
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeSlightly DisagreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeSlightly AgreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Power struggles in my team have a negative impact
This job is good for my personal growth

10 gauge question slider

On a scale of 0-10, please adust the position of the slider to show how you've felt at work recently, where 0=Stressed, 10=Calm

10 #

Comment boxes

Insights from your survey data

Analysing employee satisfaction survey results

Each question type should be chosen in accordance to the response expected, however the true power of an engagement survey is the results and analysis of the answered questions. Using questionnaire / survey templates will provide you with answers to a set of questions, but not necessarily the overall engagement of the workforce. It will also likely fail to identify the areas in need of the most attention in an organisation. So measuring your employees should not be based on theory and assumptions, but tangible numbers that are proven to measure how your employees feel about leaders, management, the team, personal growth, wellbeing, and fair deal.