Benefits & advantages of employee engagement

benefits of engagement for businesses

What does engagement mean to businesses?

Boosting employee engagement will result in more customers and more money (see BC VS FTSE100 graph below). There are however so many more reasons why it matters...

  • Engaged employees are likely to be loyal to you and your organisation, as well as being proud to work for you. Engaged employees will automatically become Ambassadors for your business to everyone, from clients and customers to users.
  • Prioritising engagement in your workplace means that you will automatically cultivate a deeper connection and stronger relationship with all your employees, and that usually means fewer sick days, higher productivity, and fewer conflicts.
  • By making engagement a high priority in your business, you will be encouraging a true culture of positive attitudes and behaviours that will benefit both you and your business tremendously in the future.
  • Having an engaged workforce ensures that the business' owner, CEO or director is held accountable for their commitment. If your employees are invested, then they will ensure that you keep your promises to make your company a better place to be.
  • Every single one of your employees is an expert in their own field; you wouldn't have hired them otherwise! If they are engaged, loyal and bought into your business, then you have a whole team of industry specialists just waiting for you to use them. You can draw on their knowledge, innovation and ideas to really transform your business; all you have to do is ask!

What does engagement mean to individuals?

Being an engaged employee can be tremendously helpful to you on both a personal and a professional level...

  • When staff are engaged, they become a fully-fledged member of the team, both from a departmental point of view and the business as a whole. This leads to feelings of trust and empowerment - two very positive and powerful feelings. From there, the most engaged employees will have clear goals for their career, will receive constructive feedback to help them, will always be supported in learning new skills, and have their achievements recognised.
  • engagement benefits for employees
  • An engaged employee doesn't hit snooze every morning, and doesn't dread heading into the office. Instead, they look forward to the day ahead, brimming with ideas on how they can make the organisation they work for a better place.
  • Engaged employees have a thorough understanding of their role in a business. They know where they fit into a business' wider goals, and feel energised to be connected to their visions and values.
  • Engaged employees will be a strong and guiding voice in the business' journey, with great care towards achieving its goals. Any ideas and opinions that they offer up will be taken into account to make their working environment better.
"To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace."
- Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell's Soup

Employee engagement = higher profit levels

When it comes to financial performance and growth, employee engagement plays a far bigger part than you may think.

BCI Employee engagement survey

The Proof is in the numbers
Every year, Best Companies compares the share returns of companies which have achieved a Star Accreditation with the share returns of the FTSE100.

For the past 15 years, our findings have concluded that these Accredited organisations have outperformed other FTSE100 businesses every single year and, as you can see from the chart, the margin is quite significant, showing clear correlation between employee engagement and financial performance.

Engaged staff results in increased customer satisfaction leading to higher conversion. Siblu holidays have experienced this positive impact which shows in their yearly reports and shining customer reviews for the Siblu holiday brand.