Creating a company culture to drive success

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It's the employees that make a company successful. Why? If employees are engaged in their roles, have the freedom to utilise their skills, and are committed to company goals then this all directly impacts customer appreciation and inevitably company growth. Creating a strong culture within a workplace is what will ensure employees have the right environment for business success.

Who do you hire to ensure company success?

In order to answer this question it is important to understand what drives people. Evolution tells us people are social animals, with our very own survival based upon forming communities and cultures. But what is a community? What is a culture? Simon Sinek, a well known 'leadership and management' consultant defines them both as...

“a group of people with a set of values and beliefs“
- Simon Sinek, Leadership & Management Consultant
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The same can be said for a tribe, a country, and even a company! These values and beliefs are built on trust. When we are surrounded by people that believe in what we believe, trust is established. So if we have employees that trust in us, then we can build a successful company. Trust however is not something that is easily created. Simply doing everything you say your going to do doesn't mean people will inherently trust you. It just means your reliable. When we trust in people, we are more willing to take risks, more willing to experiment and more willing to explore, Knowing that if we fail or trip up, there is someone there to pick us up. Let’s face it, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. The goal is not to fix our weaknesses, the goal is to amplify our strengths by surrounding ourselves by people that can do, what we can't do.

So the essence of trust comes from a set of common values and common beliefs. A great workplace therefore is created by surrounding ourselves with people who understand us, who believe in what we believe, who have a similar view of the world that has nothing to do with their opinions or the differences we share. In every day life we are biologically gifted with the idea of finding people who we believe in. It's called making friends, dating, networking. So how do we focus this type of culture in an organisation? The answer is Organisational Clarity.

Organisational Clarity aligns values & beliefs to create a unified culture

Every decision we make in our lives as individuals or as organisations is a piece of communication, it's our way of saying who we are and what we believe. This is why authenticity matters. This is why we have to say and do the things we actually believe. Because the things we say and do are symbols of who we are, and we look for those symbols so we can find people who believe what we believe. Our very survival depends on it. So if a company puts out false symbols, they will attract people to those symbols but they won't be able to form trust with them as they will not believe in unclear and false goals.


We have learnt that aligning employees to common beliefs and values helps create trust within an organisation which in turn helps build a strong company culture. These values and beliefs are often underpinned by a solid vision or purpose. Creating a well formed authentic primary purpose is what will continuously rally troops in an organisation. This purpose can then be distilled into a outrageous ambition that has a target date for achievement. Overall, the values, purpose, and ambition guides behaviour, memorable enough to be referred to in daily decision-making and reflecting a companies core DNA. Establishing a culture you solely believe in means having a consistent and clear vision, this vision is how you want everyone to view your company, weather it be inside or outside your organisation. The culture at Micro Sites, who own and eurocamp customer reviews, drive their culture through strong principals, which inspires engagement and growth in the organisation.

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